Reindeer Herd

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Reindeer Herd

Reindeer Herd


Camp on Braeriach


Braeriach Summit

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These Reindeer are the only herd in the UK, and roam free in the Cairngorms for most of the year. I took this picture from our tent on Braeriach. Already past the Summer Solstice, there are only a few patches of snow left. The reindeer were jumping around and sliding up and down on this patch of snow with joy as if they'd never seen snow before. (That's unlikely, because on the 4000ft + plateau here there is snow cover for a good proportion of the year.) It was superb watching them in the binoculars as the light faded. They were more than a mile away, hence the fuzziness of the picture.

Date: Saturday 28th June 2008 21:07:51
 1/160  F:6.3  300.0mm (35 equiv: 450mmmm) 
 Shutter speed priority AE:  Multi-segment   WB:Auto